Epic Fail or Epic Win? Part II

Epic Fail or Epic Win? Part II

Epic Fail or Epic Win? Part II

Sometimes we have no idea what the Universe has in store for us.
We can have our sails aimed into the wind, sailing full speed ahead,
when in an instant, lightening will strike, and a giant wave will capsize
us and shred our boat.

We think we have it all figured out. I KNOW I did!

But life took me by the shoulders and spun me around.
Just like my mom did when I was a kid and told her I had washed my face, when it was evident I needed to be sent back to the bathroom.
It shook me a little and sent me packing, 
in the exact opposite direction of where I thought I should be going.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I can tolerate, 
even appreciate, a little course correction at times.
But I don’t like drama, and I like to think I don’t draw it in.
This was something so ridiculously out of left field, 
It was a total loss of my business!

I had plenty of insurance, so I wasn’t worried…in the beginning.
With the other stores having 12 inches of water damage and my store having 4 feet,
Recovery mode looked different for me.
It wasn’t clothes and shoes that had gotten wet,
Or cosmetic damage like at the restaurant,
I had furniture and art, lamps and leather chairs and stuff that just shouldn’t sit 
Immersed in four feet of filthy water for 6 hrs.

I heard everyone saying “at least three weeks to get back up and running”
Did I want to get back up and running?
Things really hadn’t felt like they were “running” at that point,
More like a slow stroll, or a pathetic commando crawl.
Would I even be able to repair the inventory?
Lord knows, I didn’t have the capitol to buy more.

That’s when the first of two miracles occurred.
I even knew they were miracles at the time, THAT’S how 
“In your face” they were.

Xox Janet
(To be continued)…


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