A Tightrope Topic

A Tightrope Topic

A Tightrope Topic

Are you proud of yourself? Of the life you’re leading?
If you’re not, what can you do to correct that?

Some of you have never felt pride in yourselves or your accomplishments.
You have never thought about yourself, or walked thru the world with a sense of pride.
What WE mean by that is, many of you don’t want to seems full of yourselves,
So you self deprecate, almost to a fault.

Now, this can be a tightrope topic.

Look at the definitions of PROUD especially the second one, and LOOK at those synonyms!

feeling deep pleasure or satisfaction as a result of one’s own achievements, qualities, or possessions or those of someone with whom one is closely associated.
“a proud grandma of three boys”
synonyms: pleased, glad, happy, delighted, joyful, overjoyed, thrilled, satisfied, gratified, content More
antonyms: ashamed
(of an event, achievement, etc.) causing someone to feel this way.
“we have a proud history of innovation”
synonyms: pleasing, gratifying, satisfying, cheering, heartwarming; More
antonyms: shameful
having or showing a high or excessively high opinion of oneself or one’s importance.
“a proud, arrogant man”
having or showing a consciousness of one’s own dignity.
“I was too proud to go home”
SYNONYMS: arrogant, conceited, vain, self-important, full of oneself, puffed up, jumped-up, smug, complacent, disdainful, condescending, scornful, supercilious, snobbish, imperious, pompous, overbearing, bumptious, haughty; More
antonyms: humble, modest
imposing; splendid.
“bulrushes emerge tall and proud from the middle of the pond”
synonyms: magnificent, splendid, resplendent, grand, noble, stately, imposing, dignified, striking, impressive, majestic, glorious, awe-inspiring, awesome, 

Having pride and being proud of yourself has gotten a bad name.
You can appear to be the MOST humble soul on the planet.
But we want you to FEEL proud of yourselves on the INSIDE.
These feelings are not mutually exclusive. You can be humble and feel pride.

We would like you to realize your value, and feel how valuable your life is.
We trust that you will not go off the deep end with this.
Even the people that seem to be all puffed up and boastful 
are a facade.
They overcompensate for their real, hidden feelings of inferiority.

So we’d like to give you an assignment.
Find one thing in your life that you’re doing currently that gives
you a sense of pride inside.
If you don’t know what that feels like, look at the first definition above for help.
Feelings of pleasure,satisfaction,and gratification.

Even if it’s as simple as opening the door for someone,
or giving a homeless man a dollar.
Did you purge and give all your boxes to a charity?
Did you call and wish someone a happy birthday?
Maybe you let someone ahead of you in the checkout line.

Seriously, start there.
These do not have to be huge, we just want you to look for that feeling inside.
After you find this feeling, you will become addicted to it.
You will begin to search for ways to feel that satisfaction with yourself.
And believe us when we say, it becomes contagious.
When you walk thru the world behaving with a sense of pride,
your actions will follow, others will start to “pay it forward”
and this will start a chain reaction.

You will single handedly change the way the world views 
Pride and being Proud.
Well done! We’re proud of you 😉


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