You are All Connected

You are All Connected

You are All Connected

You know how you all feel autonomous?
Like an island in a sea of vast isolation?
Adrift, alone, looking for that sign of sameness, that feeling of familiarity?
Well, I’ve got news for you.
You, all of humanity, are connected.

You are more like fingers on a hand.
Thinking and acting separately,
when in fact you are part of the whole hand.

The thumb and forefinger, judge the others as useless and lazy.
It’s a fact they do the largest percentage of all the work!
That pinky, what’s he good for?
The ring finger is just a hopeless romantic, waiting for that ring.

When the truth is more like this.
When you hurt one finger, you hurt the whole hand.
Try picking something up with a cut on your thumb!

The fingers are useless without the hand, and vice versa.
The fingers have grown out of, but serve, the hand.

Source cannot grow and expand without you!
And you are inanimate without source energy.

So quit thinking you’re so great all alone!
Because you’re not alone.

Look around.
You are all connected, like fingers on a giant hand.
Reaching, hoping, making your lives and the world better.
You are nothing without each other.
You are just a lonely castaway, lost at sea.


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