Un Tying The Knots

Un Tying The Knots

Un Tying The Knots

Un tying The Knots
You all have “knots” in your lives.
Things, behaviors or situations that impede the flow.
Some are old and have become quite large and tight.
They have been added to and pulled tighter over the years.

Approach these knots with ease and understanding.
They are there for a reason, and the first ones were tied long ago.

These knots can be 
your weight,
Your money,
Relationship issues,
Trouble with authority,
Self worth.
You fill in the blanks.

The first hiccup you had with any of these issues,
Through the early years of your life,
You tied a “knot” in your energy,
It felt like judgement or shame,
And it slowed you down.

Each time a situation felt the same,
The knot would get bigger,
Until now, it feels like you have giant speed bumps
That keep you from gaining any momentum in life.

Fear pulls them tighter,
So does worry.
So don’t go there!

Just as you can’t muscle the knots out of a chain or rope,
the same applies here.
Be gentle,
Turn it over and around and gain understanding
of how to best approach it.

Relax and breathe into the knots and they come up.
Realize that continuing your same behavior only pulls them tighter.
If you want your life to flow, unimpeded, with ease and purpose,
You must tackle these pesky knots!


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