The Attitude of Gratitude

The Attitude of Gratitude

The Attitude of Gratitude

Do you count your blessings everyday?
Even if you have to search your brain to find them?

In the midst of despair, this is your life preserver.
It will help you keep your head above water,
So you don’t drown in a sea of negative thoughts.

Turn it into a game, similar to counting sheep to go to sleep.
Answer each negative thought that goes by, with one of 
Appreciation and gratitude.

Every morning before you get up, in that place between awake and asleep,
And every night as you fall asleep, count your blessings.
This will shift the energy of the day you just had, or the one to follow.
It will put you into a place of receiving.
Receiving more of what you’re grateful for.

This attitude of gratitude is a very powerful way to shift your focus
from what looks wrong in the world, or your life, to what’s right.
And there is SO much that is going well!

Start slow at first, with simple things.
Focus first on your life, then as you get going, it will be easier
to move that focus out to your community, and then your county, and then the world.
And as chaotic and broken as this planet may SEEM to be,
there are endless things to be grateful for.

We usually give you a list to start you off, but if feels like you can take this
and run with it.
You’re alive! and awake! with the empty canvas of each day ahead of you.
Will you paint a picture of arduous hardship?
or one of splendid harmony with those around you, knowing how lucky you are, and just how many things are going RIGHT!


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