Stand Still

Stand Still

Stand Still

Have you noticed the big energy that accompanied this full moon?
And emotions that have been unearthed?

There may have been lots of tears, 
Or the feeling of separation, of walking two feet behind yourself.

Some of you have felt a quiet desperation, like nothing matters,
And you’re just going thru the motions, feeling empty inside.

Fatigue has creeped into the cracks of everything you do right now.
Lack of enthusiasm is pervasive.
When you go to bed you can’t stay asleep, but in the morning
It’s impossible to get up!

What on earth is going on?
Where’s my joy?
I’m feeling lonely, and so tired.

But you’re all familiar with this cycle.
You’re all becoming experts at navigating these energy waves
As they come in and rearrange your molecules.
You KNOW that “this too shall pass”
And that now is one of those times to just get quiet and breathe.

No longer do you think this is a permanent state of mind,
But you have the KNOWING that just on the other side of 
these feelings, there is peace.

Just on the other side of despair is your joy.
You’ve been here before,
You’ve walked thru the Valley of Darkness and come
Out the other side to laugh again.

You won’t drown.
On the contrary, you will soar!

The releasing of heavy emotional baggage that happens 
When these big waves come in,
Make you buoyant.
It makes you lighter, and brighter, washes you clean.

This is a time of renewal,
But that happens from going inside and digging deep,
From churning up the soil and turning over every rock.
And sometimes it isn’t pretty!

If you want to sleep…sleep!
If you feel like crying…cry!
Write your feeling down,
Get them out
And then rest.
You’re going to need your strength, because things are about to get 
REALLY good!!

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