Promises Kept, Promises Broken

Promises Kept, Promises Broken


This is a great time to examine your relationship to promises
Made in your life…to yourself.

“I promised myself I would never….” 
Eat after midnight,
Date a man under 6ft tall,
Swim in dark water,
Leave the house without lipstick,
Wear shorts,
Get into debt,
Live in a cold/ hot climate,
Laugh again in church 😉

You get the picture.

Do these promises you make to yourself still serve you?
Some of them date back to such a different time and energy,
Some even back to childhood!

Sometimes very ernest promises we make to ourselves,
Turn hard and rigid,
They are born out of fear,
Of humiliation, or regret.
And they can hold you back.
They become a bad habit,
And because you call the a promise,

Please reconsider.
It is a new time and more importantly,
A new energy!
Keep the promises that move your life in the direction you desire,
And break all the rest,
And have fun doing it!


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