Me Again

Me Again

Me Again

Okay, Hi, me again.
I’ve been having some realizations,
Some more ah ha moments since I’ve been back,
that I wanted to share.

As great as it is to be back on two feet,
And back in my own bed at night!
I have to say, I’ve felt very “out of it” since I’ve been back,
ungrounded, oddly enough, and unsure how to operate back in my world.
Like my energy has changed and my brain and body have yet to catch up.
Kind of an energetic “jet lag” .

So I went inside, as I usually do, and got some interesting feedback.

Those of us that are sensitives, that move and feel energy,
have to expect that they will run a lot of energy as they move from place to place on the planet.
Sometimes we will even be ” called” to a certain city or country for that very reason.
Although, if you’re like me, you think it’s just for the food, or the shopping, or the fun of it.

It seems that as I rode thru those nine states, all those small towns and cites, I was loosening and mixing the energy.
Like running my hands thru swirls of different color paints, blending to form a new color.
leaving a new energy “wake” behind
And changing the energy signature.

As I thought about that, it made a lot of sense.
Since I was so open and un encumbered, just enjoying the sights and smells on the back of the bike, I was like an open channel and I’d tune into the vibe.

I would ride thru a small town in Utah, on a Sunday, and I could FEEL
The energy of the place.
The streets were deserted, everything was closed, it resembled a ghost town.
And the energy said “if you’re not from here…keep riding”
“Do not stop.”
And we didn’t.

Another town would have lots of flowers and the smell of cut grass,
And I would just have a smile as we rode along.

Even the plains had different energy.
We rode thru several Indian reservations, and the energy felt thick and heavy, like an invisible blanket.
Often I didn’t even know it was a reservation until later in the day.
And it always seemed to rain the hardest in those places.
Like a physical manifestation of the “Trail of Tears”.

As you know I had my own ” Trail of Tears” and by no coincidence it was 
in those heavy places.
I think my body just needed to move that stuff OUT!

The moral of this story …for me, is that as unaware in the moment
As I can be, as most of us can be,
We are constantly picking up energy from people and even places,
and running it through our own bodies.
Some of this movement serves the planet, and some 
just mixes the molecules up a bit for the next guy. 😉
So pay attention.


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