Listening For Thunder

Listening For Thunder

Listening For Thunder

The Equinox and full moon have brought in some big energies, and with them a feeling of expectation.
You know how when you see a flash of lightening you expect the thunder to follow?
Right now you are in the state of listening for thunder.

You’re seeing things differently,a little brighter, a little clearer.
The light right now seems very white, and the colors more vivid.
And underneath each moment is that feeling of expectation.
Listening for the thunder.

You’re never afraid of the thunder, you just want to know how close 
the lightening was, and which direction the storm is moving.
Will it start out low and rumbling, or a loud clap, right over head?

The feeling of expectation is what you’re feeling now and you like it.
You just can’t put your finger on what’s changed,
You? Or everything around you?


Don’t mislabel this feeling and call it anxiety,
Or fear,
Or worry,
Or stress.
It has an aspect to it that does make your hear beat a little faster,
So let’s call that excitement.

As you live now, listening for the thunder,
With your heart beating faster,
In this energy of expectation,
Expect the best.
Seriously, it’s that kind of energy.
It’s re ordering your life.

Sit inside this expectation confident that 
The storm has past, everything feels fresh and new,
And as you listen for the thunder, 
Remember it can’t hurt you.

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