It’s the Journey

It’s the Journey

It's the Journey

* Janet is currently on a 4500 mile motorcycle trip.

Early in a journey, you have wide open eyes
That survey the scenery and scan the horizon.

As that journey progresses, fatigue starts to set in,
And at times all you can think about is getting to your destination.
You fail to even look at the sights around you,
Focused instead straight ahead.

That is a handy analogy for life.

You all have your sites set on a particular goal,
A destination,
But as the fatigue of “life” starts to drag you down,
You loose out on all the beauty and wonder and miracles
that are right beside you.
And you overlook any signs along the way that are there 
to ease the tediousness.

When on this ride, Janet starts to get tired and zone out,
She misses the wildlife, the waterfalls, the spectacular
Clouds and rainbows that are all around her.

Then she gets to her destination and realizes…so what!
“I’m here!
And in conversation after some rest, realizes what she missed.

Don’t let that happen with the bigger palette of your life.
Don’t zone out and miss what is all around you.
Enjoy the journey as much as the destinations,
For once your are “there” 
You’ll wish you were on the road again!


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