How Stubborn Are You?

How Stubborn Are You?

How Stubborn Are You?

Do you dig your feet in deep, with your hands in fists and 
Your eyes slammed shut tight?
What would you sacrifice to be “right”?
A romantic relationship?

Most people would rather be “right” than be happy.

And how is that working for you?

It seems you will fight to the death, just to prove your point.
Even though you stand little chance of changing another’s mind.
But by golly, you stood your ground, and anyway, they were just…”wrong”!

Can you be dissuaded? Cajoled? or persuaded to see anyone else’s
Or do you immediately judge it as right or wrong,
Get on your soapbox and argue your case?

How did you come to all these lofty opinions anyway?
Did you study for years?
Tons of research, 
With an open mind,
weighing all the facts?

We would guess it was more out of fear and self preservation.
You found something along the way and you’ve held on to it for dear life…
Because it works, 
or it used to work, and your just too scared,
Too stubborn to change.

There, we said it,
stubborn starts off scared.
Fear keeps you thinking you’re right, and everyone else is tragically misguided.
That and a little ego mixed together, form a cocktail guaranteed to 
Keep everyone at arms length.

The payoff for being stubborn is that nothing changes,
everything stays the same.
Now, if you’re happy and satisfied with were you stand,
by all means, hold your ground!
But, if you’re in the market for some life expansion, 
some fun, and adventure, 
Open your eyes,
Unclench your fists,
Loosen the hold on your feet,
And listen the next time your presented with another point of view,
with an open heart AND an open mind!

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