Feeling My Good Fortune

Feeling My Good Fortune

Feeling My Good Fortune

Last night after eating way too much sushi, I broke open
my fortune cookie to this:

“Special touches have been planned with you in mind”

And it really resonated, and I’ll tell you why.
Since I’ve gotten back from our trip, things feel different,
I feel different.
I’m not sure if it’s the feeling of fall in the air,
the cooler nights, the earlier darkness, or the thought
of Halloween candy just around the corner.

I’m just sure something’s up.

The air feels ripe with possibilities,
There’s a flow and ease,
And it’s about time!

I’m having more fun.
Staying out later, laughing more often.
It seems as if I’ve seen all my friends since I’ve been back!
And with the exception of a couple…I have!
and THAT right there is crazy!
What usually is a feat of unbelievable timing and logistics,
Has been easy!
A phone call, and Viola! Friends at Dinner!
Friends for Lunch, friends meeting for coffee. 
So easy!

I like how the cookie says ” planned with you in mind”.
Like the universe has been giving this some thought, 
Taking notes, making phone calls, and really listening.

And “special touches” feels so personal, 
Like a cosmic concierge, who knows all my preferences 
and is making sure every detail is just right.
Yeah, that’s it!
I feel there is a special “attention to detail” that’s been missing.

Things are feeling ” just right”, and even when they aren’t
It hasn’t been bothering me, because it seems like if I just 
keep living, and laughing, and loving, it works itself out.

I really like this feeling of expectation, anticipation, and possibility!
So, I’ve got my list for the cosmic concierge of the special touches 
that I’d like to see today.
I know it’s early, but I want him to have plenty
of planning time 😉

Xox Janet


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