Tempest In A Teapot

Tempest In A Teapot


What we mean by this is that 
Out in your world right now
there are some boiling,
held within a seemingly porcelain veneer.

This can be confusing.
You are much more comfortable when 
the inside matches the outside,
especially in regards to emotions.

You are witnessing cracks in the delicate
but useful way that certain people have 
been able to mask their emotions, and operate 
In the world.

When someone who looks to all the world as if they have it all together,
Starts to hiss vitriol thru a smile,
or a person who up until recently has been very measured,
all of the sudden is quick to anger, even throwing things,
and looks to be having a “meltdown”,
THAT can be disconcerting…
For you
And for them.

The healthiest, way for your mind and body,
Is always to feel your emotions in the moment.
We do not mean being their victim,
Or being a slave to them.
The goal is to feel them as they come up.
If you do, they stay appropriate.
By that we mean, there is no 
“Over reaction” because things have not built
up and boil over at something trivial.

As we are always saying,
When you see this Tempest in a Teapot
Practice compassion.
When the flowers on the porcelain fade,
And the simmering of all their emotions,
causes the pot to crack or overflow, 
or break altogether,
Have compassion,
Even if it is you!


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