Spiritual Survival Kit

Spiritual Survival Kit


If we were there with you on this earthly expedition
you’ve undertaken,
We would make sure we had our Spiritual Survival Kit with us at all times.

It’s not too heavy, 
the contents are invaluable
Yet it’s so easy to forget!

The number one item in this kit is:
Your sense of humor,
It will get you through any situation, 
no matter how tense, 
or unmanageable it may seem.
Without it you are doomed.
Well, maybe not doomed, but it will feel like it!

To help you find your sense of humor,
You may need to take:
A chill pill
Please have plenty of those on hand, and take as needed!
They will help you put situations into perspective 
and keep you from taking everything so seriously!
Don’t take them on an empty stomach.
They are to be taken with a big meal, with lots of good food
Maybe some wine,
And preferably many good friends!

Next is your map:
Your map is all the books 
and the like, that you have attended and participated
in your whole life.
The knowledge gained form those has accumulated
a vast network of internal discernments,
a sort of spiritual GPS.
Listening to that gut feeling
Will always get you back on track!

Finally your “flashlight”
That is the light you carry with you.
That light in your eyes when something excites you!
If you remember to carry that with you,
your path will always be illuminated.
Don’t let others dim your light,
By judging your path, 
Or questioning your ways.
These are the contents of YOUR spiritual survival kit.
They have their own!

Now go out there and have some great adventures
knowing that everything is always okay!


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