Spiritual Scavenger Hunt

Spiritual Scavenger Hunt


You have embarked on a sort of 
spiritual scavenger hunt.
That is the fun way you can look at it!

You came here with a list of attributes,
experiences and “Ah ha’s” ,
each of which came with different people you had to meet,
and places you had to be at along the way.

You have a limited amount of time (your lifetime)
You have the desire 
and you have the list in your head.
You really do!
It is actually encoded in your soul,
but you can remember it if you are quiet
and listen.

Sometimes you will just know you are on the right
track to an item on your list.
You can FEEL it!
Everything lines up perfectly, 
you are in the right place at the right time,
the right people show up, as if by magic,
and you get those butterflies of excitement 
in your stomach as an affirmation.

Just like in any scavenger hunt,
you ask for help, directions, and clues
along the way.
You would never take your list and try to go it alone!
You would never ignore the clues and disregard 
the directions!

It’s supposed to be a challenge, 
finding all these clues and having all these experiences.
But it is a game,
and it can be so much fun… if you let it.

Lighten up about it!
Treat it like that child’s game,
that scavenger hunt, filled with intrigue
and excitement and a sense of wonder.

What “Ah Ha ” lies ahead of you today?
Who will cross your path that has a clue?
Will you engage? or will you try to go it alone?

Take their hand and run like children
toward the next surprise!
This game is always better played with friends!


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