Soft Landing II

Soft Landing II


Let’s keep talking on this subject,
and let’s stay with the sea analogy.
Think of those times at the beach
when the ocean looked roiling,
the crash of the waves was loud, 
and you could feel the powerof them,
travel from your feet, up through your body, 
Into your chest.

The energy was palpable, and filled with majesty.

As you wade into the foamy surf,
You’re surprised.
It does not knock your off your feet,
As it has in the past.
It comes in fast and deep, but surprisingly gentle.
It allows you to immerse yourself further,
and to swim easily in the white frothy water, 
Far from the crashing of the waves.

After awhile you look to the shore for your point of reference,
your umbrella, that tree, a friend,
and you have been shifted, carried down the beach,
by the subtle power of the tide.

Behind the gentle caressing of this surf,
There has been movement.
You have been carried down the shoreline,
To a different, more beautiful part of the beach,
while inside the gentle energy of the sea.

As you find your footing, 
It is easy, there is no pull back in,
your landing is soft and you can easily
wade back to shore.

THAT is a perfect analogy for the waves of energy
that have carried you these past few months.
They are surprising gentle, despite their power,
and there has been a gentle movement forward 
To a different shoreline,
A different place in life,
after a very soft landing.


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