Slavery of the Soul

Slavery of the Soul


Slavery of the Soul
Always unintentional 
But so easy to do!

You disregard the yearnings of your soul,
In favor of a “safe” existence.
Your master is your head and not your heart.

That is like walking thru life with shackles,
With leg irons so heavy that each step is tiring.

And THAT is a sure indication that your living 
the life of an indentured servant,
subject to the wants and whims of others,
Losing site of your true nature, and what makes YOU happy.

When that happens, it gets harder to wake up in the mornings,
You are so tired all the time.
You feel the chains of the expectations of others
Weighing you down!

Break free!
Emancipate yourselves!
Break all the locks, remove the chains of living 
Someone else’s life,
Slavery of your Soul is 
Like a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

(written surrounded by the red rocks of Zion National Park)!


My version of life. My stories. Told in my own words.

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