Serenity Inside Chaos

Serenity Inside Chaos


Living fearfully, is a bad habit.
You have a tendency to find the chaos inside even the 
most lovely and serene moments.

You walk thru your life with a dark, heavy coat of worry
on your shoulders.
It has a hood that obstructs your view,
which worries you even more, because your mind is left
to fill in the blanks…
and that is NEVER good

You worry, because you want to stay vigilant, prepared.
You think this keeps you ahead in the game,
when quite the opposite is true.
We are guiding you out of that pattern,
because that is all it is, 
a pattern that you have become accustomed to.

The outside world seems to have adopted this same pattern,
and appears very chaotic, which keeps you off balance,
which starts the worry cycle, which begets more
chaos…..and there go! down the rabbit hole!

So you say, “I want to change that”!
and we are here to help.
But…it is going to take some mental elbow grease,
so to speak, at first, to break that pattern.

You have to shift the energy inside, 
which you all know is the start of every change.
You know that because you have read all the blogs,
and are really really, really ready! 🙂

You lift your energy by sitting still and appreciating 
any serenity.
Appreciate your breath,
appreciate your heart beating, keeping you alive,
appreciate the fact that you can choose a new path,
appreciate all the tools and wisdom that you have at your disposal,
look for anything that feels calm, serene.

Appreciation and gratitude for WHERE YOU STAND
will start to raise your energy,
and the chaos and worry coat 
will fall off your back.

We know, you want a more involved solution,
but we’re telling you, 
it really is that simple.
Change your pattern of worry and chaos
by practicing appreciation for even the smallest 
pieces of peace and serenity you can find,
and live full moments inside that oasis.

When you do this, they will start to multiply
they will start to get your attention,
Let them
that is where your new path will lead
To serenity inside the chaos


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