Roots and Wings

Roots and Wings


Roots And Wings
Think about that
Is that even possible?
To have roots and wings?

We give you the example of seeds.
They start their life as a part of something bigger than
At a certain point, when the conditions are right,
with the assistance of the wind, they take flight.

Inside even the tiniest seed has the blueprint for life.
They come imprinted with the knowledge to lay down roots and grow,
All they have to do is find fertile ground.

The wind appears to be their enemy and their ally, 
It uproots them and takes them far and wide, 
setting them down sometimes in the most unlikely of spots.

But the seeds are compliant.

They try to stand where they are.
They attempt again to set down roots.
Sometimes they are successful,
and sometimes the wind, that darn wind,
if the roots are still shallow,
will pick them up and deposit them elsewhere.
Somewhere better.

There is no judgement on the part of the seed, 

they don’t say “darn wind” we do.

They know that they will end up at the end of every flight,
establishing roots.
For however long they stand in that spot.
Their stay may be short as a tiny weed.
Or establish the deep roots of a giant oak.

So you see it is possible to have roots AND wings,
and to use these winds of change to your advantage.
Free of the fear of change,
establishing roots wherever you’re deposited by life…
until your next flight.


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