We know this is a sensitive subject.
Mostly coming from the Mis interpretation 
of the original intent.

Each culture has a prophet or enlightened one,
who through their writings or the accounts of others,
imparted wisdom, in ways the people of that time
could understand.

We guarantee you that at the time, it was laced with love.
It is that component that has all but disappeared.
Along the way, through this ancient game of “telephone”
it has been filtered through the lens of judgement
and tweaked according to will and whim
of who it could serve at the time,
and is now almost un recognizable.

was always the foundation of the world’s religions
at the start.

Once men realized they could control the masses 
through clever editing with a change of a word here and there,
that’s where the train went off the tracks so to speak.

It is naive to think that every word of the Bible or Koran
or all the other sacred documents have remained intact.
Through many translations in the energy of each time,
things were changed, left out, or completely mis interpreted.
Then the energy of each generation took what they read to
mean what was important to the things happening around them,
at that time.

You now have whole systems set up that promote and condone 
and hate of anything that is “different”.

Do you really think that is why these religions came into being?
Men can do all these things on their own, without the structure
of a religious system behind them.
Wouldn’t it make more sense that these prophets would ask you to elevate
your energy and practice
peace and 

There are many beautiful aspects in your religions.
Use your discernment for what feels right to you,
and appropriate for the energy of now.
Return it to wisdom written with LOVE and COMPASSION
and make THAT your practice.


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