Are you feeling it?
There is rage walking the streets out there!

Rage is what happens when anger marinates
in self doubt and self pity.
When you just feel so bad about yourself,
that you take it out on the world around you.

Rage is always pointing the finger outward,
when the spotlight should really be pointed inside,
because THAT is where the pain lives.

Rage has a partner,
Victim hood.
Man! they are a nasty pair!
They skulk around in dark corners
feeding each other stories of woe,
justifying all their bad behavior,
and never letting the light take hold.

When you see someone in the grip of rage
the best thing you can do is walk away,
Do Not try to argue or rationalize.
They are not rational.
They really cannot be reasoned with.

Remember who is whispering in their ear.

The most courageous thing you can do
is smile.
Not a condescending, “you’re crazy” smile,
but an “everything’s gonna be okay” smile,
from the heart.

If you know the person, and they are someone close to you,
a hug.
Yes, we said it, 
a hug.
an arm around the shoulder,
any loving touch.
Because love is rage’s Kryptonite.

Rage evaporates in the presence of real love.
It can no longer hear the negative self talk,
it is out of the mind, and into the heart,
where self doubt,
self pity,
and victim hood
cannot reside.

Don’t be afraid of rage,
even your own.
Now that you know it’s roots,
have compassion,
and get to the “heart” of the matter.


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