Confusion Is Confusing

Confusion Is Confusing


You may be feeling confused,
but really you are not.

That feeling comes when you question where you stand,
as if something about it is wrong.

Listening to your head, your intellect, can lead you astray.
Listening with your heart will always set you straight.

When you feel confused, the universe, your navigation system,
is letting you know you have gone off course.

You know those maps you all look at on your phones while driving?
Ha! that is a lecture for another day!
Anyway, you all do it.
It has your destination as a red dot,
and where you stand currently as a pulsing blue dot.

Now you know how you feel when you’ve driven
past or around the red dot destination?
And you, the blue dot, keep moving away from where you want to be?
You feel a little confused.
Did you make a right turn when you should have gone left?

That feeling of confusion is just what happens when you
get off course.
It usually happens when you over-think the directions,
and doubt the validity of where you are.
All that is needed is a little course correction
and you’re back on your way.

You were never really lost,
nothing was ever really wrong,
and you can thank confusion
for getting your attention 
and guiding you back to your path.


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