Blind Ambition

Blind Ambition

Do You know why they have that saying
“Blind Ambition”?
Because in their desire to achieve,
some people have blinders on to everything
and everyONE around them.

This has been the casualty of many of the great minds and leaders
throughout history, and your present day is no different.
In their run up the ladder of success,
In their desire to succeed,
In their drive to be more and have more,
they lost their humanity.

It is really so easy to be kind.
To see the needs and wants of those around you.
It takes great effort to lock away your emotions,
to become literally blind and deaf to what is really going on around you.

They may insulate themselves in their ivory towers, but
in their hearts they know the truth,
so it takes great energy and effort
for their soul to remain so callous to the plight of others.

Luckily this is changing.
The energy is such, that many of the new souls
that come in with a dream for success are tempered
with heart, with human kindness.

We’re not saying that blind ambition will perish from the Earth all together.
There will always be those that strive to succeed with blinders on.
But what will start to happen, is that no one will want to work for them.
No ones self-esteem will be so low that they will tolerate
being demoralized.

So these people will reach some level of success, but not the great heights
of the past,
and certainly not public service.

Those in public service are going to start to be held accountable,
and they will be reminded who they work for,
so their ambition will develop great sight!

Success at the expense of others,
it won’t work, their ideas will never get off the ground.
So blind ambition, success,at ANY cost,
will become a thing of the past.


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