Aging Gracefully

Aging Gracefully


There is such a beauty in aging that is grossly 
Under appreciated.
There is such wisdom that comes with the accumulated years.
Edges that existed in youth, have worn smooth,
there is less concern about appearance and correctness,
so these later years can be used in service.

Service to the beautiful planet that has been such 
a welcoming host,
Service to those that are coming up behind you,
Looking for any and all secrets you can shed some light on.

Each day is such a gift,
And you have been blessed to age.
You have been blessed to make it to this place of 
Wisdom and grace.

You know who you are,
You know what you want,
You know your strengths,
And your weaknesses,
You are more and more comfortable in your own skin,
With an innate knowledge of the way things work.

Your roots have grown deep into the earth,
like an ancient redwood,
Or the solid foundation of a lighthouse.
Nothing can shake you,
No storm is too strong, for you have witnessed 
And braved many thru your years.

That energy of strength and wisdom 
Is your gift to the planet.
It is needed,
No, it is required for you to stand tall 
And proud in these, your later years,
And radiate the qualities and talents you have acquired.
The gift of age goes two ways,
It is your turn to give back!


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