A Whisper to a Scream

A Whisper to a Scream


Have you noticed how your life will get your attention?
Your soul, the higher part of you that is still connected to Universal
energy, knows what you want.
It knows all your hearts desires.

The part of you that is here on Earth, living and breathing,
sometimes you can get in the way of these plans.
Even if every cell in your being wants to zig…
you will zag
and feel awful!

That is when your soul, tries to get your attention.
It’s mission is to redirect you back to your desired path.

It will start with a whisper.
Thoughts or conversations that gently uncover
your true feelings, and sometimes,
that is all that is needed to set you straight.

Sometimes you get so far off the path,
that the tug on your sleeve gets even more urgent.
A job change, or move of location, even the end of 
a relationship.
Those events can take you and actually turn you around,
back in the direction of your hearts desire, 
IF you are able to stay out of anger and resistance.

But, if you fail to get introspective, to stop and listen 
to your inner most voice,
That is when it may turn to a scream.
Something that REALLY gets your attention!
You get fired
You get very ill,
Your house burns down,
You get the picture.

The scream is so loud and so life altering, 
that you have no choice but to stop moving and just listen.
Take stock of where you are and what you REALLY want.

That was the job you gave to your higher self that stayed behind.
“When I loose my way, get my attention, and set me back on my path”

So now that that is clear, 
which will it be?
A whisper?
or a scream?


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