You Are Loved

You Are Loved


Even on your darkest day,
when you think you are lower than dirt.
we can guarantee you there are at least 3 people in the world 
who love you.

3 is not 100 we know!
But it is better than 0,
and it is more than “a couple”.

It is”a few”
It is “several”
That sounds nice “Several people love me”.
And…It is true!

We would probably be safe in saying one is your mother,
definitely your pet!
but there are people whom you have touched that you’re not even aware of.

There are people from your childhood,
your first crush,
the teacher that really got who you were,
your best friend,
that still hold you in a special place in their hearts.

Take a few minutes and think of several people
who have touched you.
Think of the people you love and have loved.

Once you open your heart to another’s 
there is an imprint, on both,
that even anger,
even the passage of time
even distance cannot alter.

So you’ve left an imprint on theirs as well, 
and just like it happens to you every so often,
the memory of this person, this love , washes over you
like a warm breeze,
so too does your face cross their mind.

And In that moment 
You Are Loved


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