Time To Be Still

Time To Be Still


This is a time now to be still,
and listen to the wisdom that is 
hidden in the spaces between the words.

Next month there will be the next big 
wave of energy,
so this is the exhale, the sigh,
before the breath.

It feels as if nothing is happening,
projects seem stalled,
phone calls unreturned.

Let it be.

Now is not the time to push,
the acceleration will happen in August,
so just take this time to rest,
softly set intentions toward the goals
you want to see fulfilled once the energy ramps up again.

Get used to these down times,
they are a respite and you will wish for them,
once things get up and going again.

Use this time wisely,
stay soft and gentle,
and you will get the inspiration you seek.
Once you do, put it in your pocket and 
keep it there, safe and sound.

Touch it occasionally, to make sure it’s still there,
knowing you will use this new wisdom, 
these new ideas that were whispered to you when you were quiet,
when the time is right.

Trust this process, 
and you will know.


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