They Just Keep Moving The Line

They Just Keep Moving The Line


It seems in life that just as you get to the finish line,
the completion of a task,
the meeting of a deadline,
the “best” that you can do,
they move the line!

Does that happen to piss you off?
or keep you interested?
Does it feel exhilarating?
or exhausting?
All of the above!

Because you are eternal, 
you will never be “done”.
There will always be a mountain to climb.
but we know you, 
even at the summit, you are planning your next climb.

You think you need a rest,
but you would not be here if that was the case.
There are too many things to peak your interest.
It is a veritable smorgasbord of experiences to choose from!

Stay engaged,
keep your eye on the prize,
but remember, just when you think it’s over…
they’ve moved the line!


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