The Quiet Before The Storm

The Quiet Before The Storm


Although there is a lot going on beneath the surface,
it feels pretty quiet out there.
Things feel suspended in space.
Not many things are breaking thru…yet.

You could call this the quiet before the storm,
but that would probably make you nervous,
because you barely hear “quiet”,
all you hear is “storm”.
Don’t worry!

True, after observing the weather patterns lately, 
We could understand your concern.
We are not talking about a meteorological event,
but rather an energetic one.

There is going to be a large energy influx next month
and now is the time to set your intentions,
your hopes and dreams for what you would like to see transpire.

What has been log jammed so to speak in your lives lately?
Is there an agreement or contract that needs signing?
A move? Either geographically or laterally that needs deciding?
Are there people in your lives waiting to make their transition?
Destiny’s waiting to be fulfilled?

This is the quiet time, the time to be still,
the best time to reinforce what you desire.

You know how storms come thru and stir things up?
even make some magic with their thunder and lightening?
And you know the freshness that is left when they depart?
How clean and clear everything feels?
Even the colors seem more vibrant after everything gets bathed 
in the rain and dried by the wind.

After this next energy influx, 
your lives will feel very much the same.
Much cleaner and clearer.

So there is nothing to fear,
sometimes things just need to be pushed along,
and moved forward.
So now you can view the “quiet before the storm” differently.
Now it will represent to you a time of deliberate set up
before the “storm” of renewal 🙂


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