The energy is ripe right now to accommodate 
many scientific advances.
Did you know that the energy had to be a match?
otherwise experiments, and theories never got beyond the drawing board.
You can have a brilliant mind working tirelessly on 
a new scientific advancement, but somehow it just 
never seems to get any further than the lab or the 
desk. Tesla is an example of this.

The energy has to come up to match each theory,
or…the energy advances to a point where souls 
come onto the planet with the combination for many
unsolved and unanswered problems.
Each generation enters the world with a database
of the accumulated knowledge as their platform from which to 

You can see that with the children now.
They take to all the devices like fish to water.
It’s like they already know how to operate this
technology from birth, and that is a correct assumption.
That is how, as children, they are setting up for the next wave
of things to come.

You cannot even imagine what is on the scientific horizon!
Just as you could have never imagined what is commonplace 
in your daily lives even 15 short years ago!

So don’t worry so much about the future.
Science fiction will become science fact…and then some.

The next three generations will come in with a respect and reverence
for the planet that has been absent for centuries,
and THAT is the combination that will unlock
the next wave of huge advances.

So hold onto your hats!
Talk about making dreams a reality!
These present days will look like the dark ages
because the future is setting up to be so bright!


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