Independence Day

Independence Day


Today in the US you celebrate your independence.
Every country wants to have the freedom to 
act autonomously, without restraint.

This desire starts in the hearts of its people.
Freedom is God given
It does not have to be earned.

Every soul knows this at some level.
It may run deep and have to be brought to the surface
by a series of events, 
or it may color every thought, word and deed of 
a “free spirit”.

Humanity is shaking off the shackles of repression.
Either self inflicted, or at the hand of another.
No longer will your souls tolerate someone else calling
the shots for YOU.

It ranges all the way from a government’s iron fist,
to your own self talk of doubt and fear.
Both of these represent a loss of freedom.
The freedom to be who you really are.

So on this day of celebrating US independence,
and watching it unfold in other countries around this wonderful
planet, keep in mind that freedom has many faces,
it may look different to each one of you.



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