Energy Pickpockets

Energy Pickpockets


Be aware when you are in groups or crowds,
of the energy pickpockets.
They are the ones that stand very close,
engage in simple conversation,
ask a lot of questions,
and then they are gone.

But that’s when you notice something is missing!
you feel as if your energy has been stolen from you.
You are suddenly weak and tired,
and you can’t quite figure out why.

You have been visited by an energy pickpocket!
They really do exist
Most aren’t even aware they are doing it,
but it is how maintain their own vibration.
They are able to pick, in a room full of people,
the ones with the highest energy.

They do not practice meditation,
or prayer, or any kind of spiritual up lifting.
They gravitate to those that do,
and they siphon off some of your energy 
as part of an unfair exchange.

Every encounter you have is an energy exchange.
If you could see it terms of pure energy,
it would look like colored streams of light going back and forth
between each person.
The best interactions are those that are balanced, 
where the energy is exchanged equally.

We are talking now about an un fair exchange.
There are those that in the course of their encounter with 
you, the ones with higher energy, that
take without giving anything in return.
that leaves the “giver” feeling weak and exhausted.

Now that I’m saying this, you can all think of a time 
and person where this has occurred.
So now that you know, be more conscious
in your interactions with those you are just meeting.
Is the exchange energetically equal?
Or have you been visited by an Energy Pickpocket?


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