An agreement or a settlement of a dispute that is reached by each side making concessions.
Settle a dispute by mutual concession.
noun. agreement – accommodation – settlement – conciliation
verb. come to terms

Compromise is essential in any relationship.
No One party can have it their way 100% of the time.

Because there can be an energy of settling for less than what you want,
Resentment can ride along with compromise.

To avert that, it is very important that empathy be a main ingredient in compromise.

If you can step out of the way of your own needs and wants
for awhile, and see, hear and feel, what the other party 
is asking for, compromise will not have that edge of anger
and resentment.

If you view their requests as something that is 
being done TO you,
Taking something away from you,
or feels unequal, or unfair,
you may end up compromising,
but it will be an uneasy alliance.

Step inside the “shoes” of another before you attempt
compromise in the any situation.
If you can better understand their point of view,
there will be an ease of just wanting it your way.

The alliance will happen naturally,
and again, you will realize that everyone 
is doing the best they can in their own circumstances,
and sometimes in order to reach peace
you must zig and let the other zag.


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