All You Perceive Are The Flaws

All You Perceive Are The Flaws


People watching is a wonderful pastime.
Isn’t it amazing the variety that exists in the human race?
Tall, short,
male, female,
Heavy, slim,
blonde hair, red hair, dark hair…no hair!

There are some people that look at others and see animals.
“he looks like a weasel”
“She has the hands of a sloth”
These are not compliments.
They are imaginative, 
but they are generally hurtful.

What kind of filter do you see others thru?

Do you, in your head, think
“She’s too skinny,”
” He needs a shave”
“They look ridiculous”
“He’d be cute if he lost 25lbs”
“She looks old”

Do you want to know something that will change you?
EVERYONE is doing the best they can!
and EVERYONE has their story.

“She” is skinny because her boyfriend is always mentioning her weight,
she would love to eat normally, but he’d leave her.

“He” forgot to shave because he had to rush out of the house to 
pick up a sick child at school

“They” look ridiculous to you because they are marching to their own drum, 
not yours!

“He” has struggled with his weight all his life, but his wife adores him
as he is, he is cute to her already!

“She” has lead the life of helping others, she has never taken an interest
in her own reflection, she is held in high regard and loved by many
and THAT is what matters to her.

Become aware of how you look at others.
You would hope others look at you with kinder eyes.
Remember these words and make adjustments to your thoughts,
when you gaze at the beautiful personified story of another,
and all you see are the flaws.


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