A Journey With No Map

A Journey With No Map


You are pioneers,
and like all great adventurers who set out
for parts unknown,
you have no map.

And just like all great explorers,
you have the fire of adventure in your hearts,
and a vague sense of the direction in which
to take your steps.

But as you can imagine,
there were surprises,
and changes in plans, when these explorers
encountered mountains, rivers, even oceans
along the way.

The path is open, the horizon flat,
and then just as they are making progress….
for which they are unprepared.

Traveling light, as you must on any great
the weather could start out temperate,
and by the end of the week
they would encounter great heat,
or even more difficult,
growing elevation, and snow!

Now here is what all great adventurers do 
in course of their journeys when faced with obstacles.
First they chart a map, for those that are to follow,
so others will not encounter the same surprises.

Then, they face the challenge, the changes,
with curiosity, fearlessness, and grace.
By grace we mean they take some time to 
check in with their gut, their inner compass,
and then use the skills they have acquired along
the way, to navigate around or even over or thru
these seemingly impossible obstacles.

You get what we are saying.
You are these explorers,
and like them, this new energy,
this new way of being, is uncharted,
and without precedent,
so there are no maps.

You will be the ones who will chart the way
for the others to follow,
although it will be just be an outline,
with the rapid rate of the changes ahead.

And like the others, you have, 
and will continue to demonstrate,
your grace
in the face of these mountains,
these rivers, these oceans that 
seem to block your path.


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