Your Path Chooses You

Your Path Chooses You


Your path chooses you
Thru all life’s up and downs
zigs and zags,
riches to rags,
and back around

Down endless halls,
with doors galore,
you stand before,
destiny calls

A fork in the road,
which path to choose,
it chooses you,
lighten your load

The way is clear,
your feet take flight,
it all feels right,
no need to steer

What we mean to say,
with minimum fuss,
listen to us
without delay

Your path in life,
it chooses you
it beckons you,
with minimum strife

So when your path begins to zag
follow along
it won’t be wrong,
look for the flags

They lead to joy and freedom too,
so drop your fear,
it will be clear,
your path has chosen you!


My version of life. My stories. Told in my own words.

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