You Teach People How To Treat You

You Teach People How To Treat You


By setting boundaries and showing by example,
you teach the people in your life how to treat you.
Will you accept not being treated with love and respect?
or will you stand tall and say “hey, that’s not okay”!
It can even be telling a friend you will not tolerate their chronic

Do you show others that same love and respect that you seek?

Boundaries are difficult for some people to enforce, 
for they fear they will lose something if they do.
If a love or a job or a friend evaporates because you 
ask to be treated a certain way, then it was not grounded in
any way that could have been sustained over time.
In other words, it was not REALLY a friend, or a lover 
and the cost was too high.

When you treat others with respect and fairness,
kindness, empathy, and love, it is returned to you ten fold.

It boils down to your self worth, and wether you will let 
any person or situation chip away at that.
It also shows you if you are recognizing the worth of 
those around you, and if you value it equally, 
or more than your own.

If you are nurturing, you will be nurtured.
Generosity brings you generous acts,
Thoughtfulness will be rewarded,

Always show your gratitude when someone treats you
wonderfully, for they may be teaching YOU ways you 
should be treated that you hadn’t imagined.
And then return the favor!


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