Untangle The Knots

Untangle The Knots


There are areas of complication in life.
They are like knots in an otherwise smooth chain.
How do you approach these knots?
Are you someone who, in their struggle to untangle
the knot, just pulls it tighter?

Do you lack the patience and perseverance it takes 
to slowly and methodically release each knot?

Or… can you find the Zen in the art of untangling the knots?
The approach that works is one of unfocused, focus.
Yep, unfocused, focus.

Being easily focused, with a softness.
Not a harsh laser beam type focus,
that pulls the knot tighter.

When you look at a knot in a chain,
with a soft focus, it will show you how to untangle it.
You will softly roll it around, and gently start pulling
from the outside edges.
As you untangle the edges, the center,
the part that is knotted the tightest, will start to unravel.

Done right, with unfocused focus, 
you will see where to pull to loosen, and
it will literally open up and unknot itself.

Try that with the knots in your life,
be Zen about them.
Approach them with a softer focus and let them 
reveal where to pull, and soon you will watch them
untangle themselves with the least amount of effort from you.


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