Sentimental Something’s

Sentimental Something’s

Are you finding yourselves revisiting the past?
Thinking of old friends, maybe reconnecting thru social media?

Have you driven by your old house or school?
Maybe had the urge to take a walk in your old neighborhood?

Many of you are feeling nostalgic and sentimental about your past.
Do you realize that when you change the way you view your past,
you change it, and in turn that changes your present and your future.

When revisiting people and places that held a charge for you years ago,
you are given the opportunity to see how much you have changed,
How much you have grown.

The eyes you see with now, and the heart you feel with, are completely different, and those are the filters thru which you now run your past.
All the hard edges have been worn smooth, and you see with softness and compassion.
You feel sentimental, only tenderness and nostalgia fill your heart.

This is all as it should be.
Changing your past by feeling this tenderness toward it,
will soften many lines on your face in the present,
and create a space for healing that you can carry into your future.


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