Seeing Is Believing, Believing Is Seeing

Seeing Is Believing, Believing Is Seeing

Believing Is Seeing and Seeing Is Believing
Your life reflects what you believe.
We know! We say this a lot!
but make no mistake, 
your beliefs are the templates,
the prisms,
the filters,
whatever you can understand, and take into your heart.

Your beliefs dictate what you expect out of life.
You have the belief life is hard,
then you expect things to go down the hard way,
and by golly! They do not disappoint!

Even if something goes smoothly and is easy,
you wait for the “other shoe to drop”.
Because that’s just the way life is, 
and sure enough, “Look out below”! 
here comes the other shoe, disguised as hardship.

You believe it
You see it
you see it
so you believe it.
get it?
It is self perpetuating,
but it can be corrected.

You have to be conscious of what you believe,therefore what you expect.

” I’m no good with money”
guess what, you’re always broke.

” I always pick the wrong men”
Oh look, another break up.

“I can’t get that job, because_______ (fill in the blank)
and you stay in your current job that you hate.

” I expect the worst, that way I’m not disappointed”
Wow, you just served yourself up a lifetime of disappointment,
it will come out of nowhere just to make you right!

Do you understand?
be careful.
Take a mental inventory of your beliefs.
That should be easy, just look around.
Now pay attention, and change the things you don’t like.




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