Leap Of Faith II

Leap Of Faith II


The biggest Leap of Faith we are asking you to take,
and the one that is the hardest for most of you,
is the belief that things are getting better.

In other words, we are asking you trust what we say,
and not what you see all around you.
What appears to be happening.

You have moments of really being brilliant at this,
seeing all the beauty and goodness around you…
and then the bottom drops out!
You see something on the news,
uneven political decisions,
violence in other countries
or you witness some unkind act,
violence in your own neighborhood,
and you get sucked back into believing that
things have gone to hell, or more accurately,
you begin to think hell has come and taken up residence
here on earth!

Nothing could be further from the truth.

We know that often does not resonate with you.

Here is where this enormous Leap is required.
Here is where your trust in light over dark,
the belief that all things are seeking balance,
and the Earth, and humanity and even your bodies,
are all self correcting on the highest level, comes into play.

When it looks as if things have all gone horribly wrong…
just take a breath…or three…and wait.
The pendulum will swing back to center,
It always does.

By the laws of the Universe, everything seeks balance.
It will self correct.

If the process bothers you too much,
quit watching it!
Send light and love and look away,
Walk away if you must, 
but don’t add YOUR worry and anxiety,
and momentary lack of Faith to a process in motion.

Hold the Faith that there has NEVER been a better time.
Take the Leap that there is more light and more love
present on the Planet, 
and in the hearts of men, 
than at any other time, 
and it is growing and excellerating at an epic pace!

You have reached and surpassed critical mass,
and the pendulum is on the upswing.
Don’t hold your breath,
Inhale deeply…and take the Leap!


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