I Am Open To Receiving

I Am Open To Receiving

ImageI Am Open To Receiving

Let this mantra go into your head
and spend some time there, cleaning out all doubt.
Say it often, for at certain times,
it will mean something entirely different.

There can be a problem,
a disconnect,
when you are wanting something,
really asking with all your intent,
but there is a part of you that is not open,
not comfortable with,
doesn’t feel deserving of,
or worthy of receiving.

Whatever the reason,
usually something in childhood,
it may have felt valid then…
but honestly, haven’t you had enough 
of the wounds of childhood,
that were seen with the eyes of a child,
and processed with the understanding of a child,
being the filter thru which you run your happiness as adults?

Yes! You are!

Running this mantra through your mind as often as you think
of it, 
will start to shift you into an energy of reception.
It may feel uncomfortable at first.
Like wearing shoes that are too tight and
you will have a million internal arguments of 
why that statement feels untrue.

Then the exhilaration will set in,
and you will start to breathe easier.
Every time you repeat this phrase


It will wrestle with the self doubt 
and unworthiness, truly leaving you open 
and willing to receive all the wonderful things,
the big life, 
that the Universe has been stockpiling for you!


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