I AM Open To Receiving II

I AM Open To Receiving II


We are goings to extrapolate on this topic,
because it resonated so much with many of you.
That is so Good!
and really new.
A couple of years ago, you were not ready,
but things have changed, 
Oh my! how they’ve changed!
and you are starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.

All right!
Here is the definition of Receive:

re·ceive  /riˈsēv/

Be given, presented with, or paid (something): “most businesses will receive a tax cut”.
Take delivery of (something sent or communicated): “he received fifty inquiries”.
get – take – accept – obtain – admit – welcome

We love doing this, showing the definition,
it adds such clarification.

In this definition, the ones we want to focus on today
are three of the synonyms.
These are all great in concept, 
but get sticky in their execution.

Accepting help.
Ouch! We know, not so easy.
That is such a huge step in receiving.
Letting others help you.
You benefit greatly,but so do the others!
Why deny them that pleasure?
It does not make you weak, on the contrary, it shows tremendous strength to ask for help. Ponder that awhile, it feels so foreign, and you want to discard it immediately,


Admitting love into your life.
Really!? That one’s even worse, even harder.
To receive love, you have to take the first step of 
becoming vulnerable, and giving it admittance into your heart.
That. Is . Huge.
We know.
But the benefits so far outweigh any downside to this.
It does get messy, we agree,
it can hurt, we know.
But when you soften your heart, let down the walls,
and allow admittance of another, two lives are changed…
Let THAT sink in too.

Now welcoming.
To welcome something is to stand open armed,
smile on your face, and embrace it.
Can you welcome change? Anything that comes your way?
Come on!! now you’re asking too much!
Just stand openly and receive whatever life has to offer?
You mean say YES instead of no?
Zig when I want to zag?
Not only embrace change, but run with it?
What could possibly be the benefit in that?

Well, let’s see…
Less stress,
more happiness,
a more open mind,
an unburdened heart,
And so much more!
We are not kidding about this.

Along with your mantra
try on 
just stick your toes in at first.
These are three keys to help unlock the doors
to better days ahead, and the life you’ve always dreamt of.


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