I Am Open To Change

I Am Open To Change


Now your next mantra can be 
“I Am Open To Change”.

Greeting change with open arms is easy,
said no one,

It is just human nature to resist all change,
and that resistance to something that is so inevitable,
is the cause of much of your heartache.

Just as surely the sun rises and sets,
as the tides come in ,and go out,
as the Earth spins on it’s axis,
there will be change.

Change is actually the foundation on which you build your lives.
That seems counter intuitive,
because a foundation needs to be solid.
By its inevitability, change is the base, the groundwork,
on which each moment chosen.
These moments become days, and then years,
and before you know it, you have lived your life
reacting to these changes.

If we told you that every change was the doorway to something better,
how would that feel?
Would you shake your fist in the air and say 
” I just lost my job”!
” Someone stole my money”!
” I have to relocate to a place where I know no one”!
” My dog died”!
“This does not feel better to me”!

Now what if we told you that in the midst of this change,
this chaos,
these howling winds of emotion,
lies a jewel, a present.

It is the gift of being open to what comes next.

“I Am Open To Change”

As you stand in the storm of uncertainty,
armed with your knowledge that all things change,
and we told you knowledge is power,
will you use that as your foundation?
will you now look for the jewel?

You may have no idea what comes next,
and that can be terrifying,
but please know that something better is what comes next,
use THAT as your foundation for the next moment,
and the next, 
and the next.
Armed with that perception,
change can become exciting, even exhilarating,
and begin to hold no fear.


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