Heart Opening

Heart Opening

There is a huge heart opening opportunity
happening now.

With that may come tears,
mild pain behind the heart , between the shoulder blades,
and the urge to eat more chocolate 😉

Don’t go into any fear around this,
and don’t drown yourself in too many tears.
Let this opening happen, as if it were the most natural thing in the world,
which it is!

Stay vigilant with the observation skills we have been teaching you,
knowing that the whole human race has the same opportunity
for this heart opening right now, and then let compassion
color your observations.

Man! this is an exciting and wondrous time to be alive!
So many changes, so much to observe!

Keep that heart opening,
laugh a lot,
hug a lot,
write a love letter,
stay open to all the possibilities,
keep your sense of humor,
for it is a gift you bring from home,
to help you navigate these slippery times
with ease and grace

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