Everything In Moderation…Even Moderation

Everything In Moderation…Even Moderation


Everything in Moderation…Even Moderation
Moderation in life is an admirable aspiration.

Staying mindful when eating,
Having temperance in volatile situations,
being appropriate, 
having a measured response,
These things will all serve you well in life.
Just be careful you don’t over moderate , 

Where’s the spark?
Where’s the ZaZaZu?
Where’s the fiery debate?
Where’s the sparkle?
Where the joy?

There is a certain safety in moderation,
a feeling of security.
That is a fine thing to have.
But don’t forget to occasionally shake things up!

Color outside the lines!
Waaaaaay outside the lines!
Laugh too loud,
eat all the bacon!
drive fast,
eat desert, maybe two!! ( we can hear the gasps)!
wear green,
have a glass of wine…or two ( oh my)!
eat in bed,
be messy,
be naughty,
Come on! Live life!

We’re not saying to do these things all the time,
but remember to cut loose every once in awhile.
It will make you a much more interesting person,
and much more fun to be around,
and it will put a skip in your step,
and some pizazz back in your life 😉


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