Beginning To Open, With a Side of Pain

Beginning To Open, With a Side of Pain


As this energy prompts and facilitates your opening,
what comes flying out first?
Pain and fear!

Bang! Your first impulse…close back up!
It’s too much!
It’s too messy and chaotic!
And you are the microcosm,
this is happening on the world stage as well.
You are seeing it everywhere!

As humanity goes, so goes the planet.
As you all start to open up,
all the skeletons fly out of the closet,
all the secrets are reveled,
no more dark corners to hide in,
and the world at large mirrors this back to you.

Now…how you perceive this will be the difference
between being caught up and overwhelmed by pain and fear,
or riding the wave, because you are conscious of what and why this is happening.
Knowledge is power.

To get to all the good stuff inside, 
all the dark, dense stuff has to leave first.
Do you get that?
Of course you do.
So don’t be worried, or frightened by it,
and certainly don’t stop opening!

The best is yet to come, 
for each of you individually and the planet as well.
So just watch in educated awe
as these secrets come to light,
as the pain is felt, and then subsides.
Let the light of truth and openness 
fill all the nooks and crannies,
to reveal only clarity and transparency.

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