Beginning To Open II

Beginning To Open II


So when the opening begins, density pours out,
Anger is in the mix as well,
that is another choice in reaction to the pain and fear.

If that feels appropriate for you, 
feel it and let it go, 
don’t become stuck there,
for it is a secondary emotion,
and can feel so much better than pain and fear,

that’s right! It feels better in the body to feel anger,than to feel fear or hurt.

Dr Jill Bolte Taylor, a brain scientist,
wrote in her book,
“My Stroke of Insight”
“It takes “less than 90 seconds” for an emotion to get triggered, surge chemically through the blood stream, then get flushed out.”

Hear that, FEEL that, take that in:
An emotion lasts for 90 seconds from start to finish.
You see or hear something that makes you angry,
and it will run its course thru your nervous system,
thru your body, in 90 seconds!

That is if…you don’t rerun the initial event that caused
the emotion in your mind.
If you do that, if you rerun the emotion,
then it can last in your psyche and in your body
for 90 minutes, 90 days, even 90 years!!

So…you can tolerate any intense emotion for 90 seconds,
You have the control!
It’s you call!

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