Always and Never

Always and Never


You should NEVER use these words.
Just kidding!!
But the truth is, these are very inflammatory words because they are so definitive…and more than likely, not true.
Yet, we accuse people all the time, using these two words

You never take out the trash,
you never tell me you love me,
you never let me get a word in edgewise,
you never cease to amaze me,
you never shut up!

You’re all guilty of using one, or all of these , and truth be told, they are not accurate, and can incite rage!

How about these:
He always takes the last cookie,
You always say that,
You always try to get in the last word,
You always make me feel bad,
You’re always late.
More than likely…not true.

Never means no time EVER!
never in the past or future,…

Always means EVERY time,
without fail

So these words are not accurate,
and we want you to pay attention to your words that you use,
especially in your intimate relationships.

So…in your next argument, leave out the 
always and the 
It will force you to be more conscious and more accurate in 
what you want to convey, and will be met with much more receptive 
ears and hearts.


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