A Lightness To Being

A Lightness To Being

Now, if you are letting this latest heart opening happen,
and you are getting good at observing emotions as they move thru you,
and you are dancing in the highly charged particles that swirl around you from all the solar flares,
you may be starting to feel a lightness to your being.

Don’t focus on the events happening in the world around you.
Not everyone is in the same place in their journey,
and it can look messy.
But if you get still and take your own spiritual temperature,
you must admit…things are feeling better.

The last half of 2012 and the first half of 2013 were monsters!
So much was going on energetically that your emotions and your bodies
have had a hard time keeping up!

But a corner has been turned, and now you can just settle in
and start letting yourself feel the difference.
It is a feeling of being out in front of a wave, as opposed to
under it.

The pressure is easing, so instead of treading water, or swimming for your life, you can flip on your back and experience that weightlessness, the lightness, floating effortlessly now, hands behind your head,smile on your face,
looking up at the stars…


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